Setting Up for your First Game

Want to play a game with your friends. Then you found the right place. Here are some basic instructions to get gaming.

Downloading the Emulator
Download the emulator located on our website. Once it is downloaded extract the emulator to some useful location. You can then launch the emulator

Adding your Games
Once you have your games which were totally ripped from your Legal N64 Cartridges, go to File > Choose ROM Directory. Any directory will work as-long as your games are there. If the game is tested and compatible it will turn Blue. If the game is Green it should still work but it has not been tested for Netplay Stability. NTSC-U games are the only ones that supported.

Configuring your Controller
Go to Options > Configure Controller Plugin and select the N-Rage Plugin. Configure it to suit your needs. Click OK.

Before starting any game go into your Netplay Tab on the emulator and click Replace Saves. Everyone needs the same save file in order to save your guests from a Desynch. A Desynch is where your guests are at different frames in the games which cause the connection to break. After this is done you can start a game. To do this open your ROM file. A window will now of popped up. Do not be worried this is not scary and it is very easy and straight forward. Follow the next part of the guide depending on if you are a host or a guest.

Hosting a game is a big responsibility. To successfully host a game you have two options. P2P and a Dedicated Server
P2P: To host a P2P lobby for others, in the console window type /host . Make sure the port is forwarded under the TCP protocol otherwise it will not work. UDP can also be forwarded for extra performance but it is not required. Then give your guests your Public IP address and your forwarded port.
Dedicated Server: To connect to a dedicated server simply click one of them on the bottom right of the console. A join code will be given out in the console. Give this entire code to your fellow partners. This should start with /join and end with a bunch of characters.

Once everyone is in the lobby you can type /start to start the game.