How to Host your Own Server

To host your own server all you need to do is follow some very simple instructions. Please keep note this is recommended for guilds. If you just want to play with your friends the P2P method is much better

- A Linux Machine
- Git
- The GCC Compiler
- Open TCP Ports
- Friends

Setting up the Server
To set up a server the first thing you need to do is clone the Netplay Core Repo. Don’t forgot to clone your submodules. This is the foundation for the Netplay implementation. Once you have this repo cloned you need to run the make script. After that is ran you should of build a copy of the server. All you need to do is execute the netplay_server.

Connecting to the server
There are two ways to connect to a server. To manually connect feel free to simply type /join myserverip:port. To add a server to the list edit the ServerList.txt file located inside the emulators Config Folder. Paste the IP inside this file and then the IP should be populated