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I made this project because of how bad Kailera and Mupen64++ is and how outdated Mario Party Netplay's Project64 build is. This emualtor is super easy to learn because it is very similar to vanilla Project64 with Netplay Built in.

We provide features that you need !

Automatic Save Replacing

Since everyone needs the same save file to emulate you each being on the same system. To easily manage this we bundled a Batch Script to make you life easier.


Cheat Codes were meant for Cheaters but we chnaged it into Game Enhancement Tools since some modifications help make the game just a little bit better.

Dedicated Servers

There is a dedicated server to help the people who cannot forward their own port.

User Friendly

The Emulator is build on the same core framework of vanilla Project64 so a learning curve is not present.

No Kailera

This is a big deal since Kailera is crap, and refuses to work. We are using a plugin by the wonderful AQZ to fix this.

Discord RPC

Our Emulator has some decent Discord RPC integration which works not just over Netplay but by yourself too.

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Frequently asked Questions.

1. Is this legal?

Yes, Project64 is licensed under the GPL-2.0 License.

2. Do you have a discord?

Yes we do click the icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Which operating systems supports Project64 Netplay?

Project64 Netplay Supports Windows 7, 8.x, 10 and some variations of Linux under WINE.

4. Why use Project64 Netplay over Mupen64++ and Project64k?

Mupen64++ and Project64k both use Kailera which was created in 2003. It is closed source and no longer maintaned. Our solution is AQZ's Netplay Plugin which works very well. Also you cannot forget about those Game Enchancing Cheat Codes as well as the automatic save replacing.

5. Who made Project64 Netplay?

Me, CrankySupertoon, but you cannot forget about the wonderful work from Zilmar, the lead project64 developer, AQZ for his fancy netplay plugin, Azimar for their audio plugin, gonetz for GlideN64, and Jabo for making N64 emulation a reality.