Project64 Netplay

Project64 Netplay is a way to play Nintendo 64 games with anyone in the world from your own couch


Our Easy to use Emulator

We provide features that you need !

Automatic Save Replacing

Everyone needs the same save file for the game to operate. We automate this using a friendly easy to use script bundled with the emulator


Cheats were meant for Cheaters but we reinvented Cheats into Modifications. These can tweak or change the game for the better.

Dedicated Servers

Who needs Port Forwarding and P2P when you can join our hosted servers. P2P is still an option.

User Friendly

We use the same core framework vanilla Project64 core uses so you do not have to learn new things.

No Kailera

Kailera is a very old ancient protocol used for Netplay in the past. We do not use this protocol and we use an in house protocol for maximum compatibility.

Discord Community

Discord is a great way to communicate. We have a community of many players that are wanting to play games with you.